Willy, Willy Good Burger Joint in Beaumont, Texas

Beaumont Texas burger jointWhile we were in Beaumont, Texas we stopped for lunch at Willy Burger. The sign promised that the food was willy, willy good, so how could we resist such a guarantee.

Actually, there is no Willy. The owner is Colburn McClelland and he is a guy who takes his burgers seriously, and seriously likes to do things a little differently. The first thing he did was travel all over the country eating hamburgers and fries and milk shakes and onion rings. He took notes on what he loved about each meal, including the decor at each burger joint.

Burger Joint in an Airstream Travel Trailer

Then he came back to Beaumont and bought himself an old Airstream travel trailer. While there are booths and counter stools inside and a few tables on a patio, the cool kids get to eat in the Airstream.Airstream Trailer burger joint

Willy, aka Colburn, decided that at his burger joint, they would grind the hamburger meat fresh every morning from 100% USDA certified Angus Beef. Then they make the patties by hand, just like mom used to do. If you don’t believe me, stand in the window and watch your burger being made fresh when you order it. No preshaped, cookie-cutter, frozen patties allowed.

Beaumont TExas burger jointWilly offers 11 kinds of specialty burgers with things like crab meat, catfish and tuna for toppings. The Booty Burger includes a big chunk of fresh boudain on top. You don’t know what boudain is? That’s a whole ‘nother story from the neighbors over in Louisiana. You can also get a fried egg on your willy burger, or bacon or chili or chili or sauerkraut.

Boudain Burger

Miss Ashley models a Booty Burger, featuring a big hunk of boudain on top.


The onion rings, too, are fresh sliced in-house every day and I highly recommend the Parmesan Onion Rings for a yummy few minutes before your heart attack.

But the best thing Willy did when opening his new restaurant was to talk some of the nicest people you’ve ever met into working for him. They will “ma’am” and “sir” you and answer your questions and be patient as you figure out your order. They are willy, willy nice.

best burger joint in beaumont texas

Beaumont Texas burger joint


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