Where to Eat the Best Chili Cheeseburgers on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast

A drive along Highway 90 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast offers spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico and bountiful opportunities to fill your face with ice cream, snow cones and other cooling treats. That’s what beach getaways are about.

best chili cheeseburgersBut we mojotravelers know that getting off the beaten path provides for the best discoveries. 

That’s why, when you get to Pascagoula Mississippi, look for the intersection of Highway 90 with Market Street. Turn north and in less than a block you’ll see Edd’s Drive-In.

When it opened in 1950, Edd’s was originally a Dairy Queen operated by Ed McElroy. By 1953, Ed decided he wanted to sell hamburgers, but that was before DQ thought it was such a good idea. So Ed dumped the DQ and started making chili cheeseburgers, which I’m told are the best chili cheeseburgers you’ll ever eat.

mississippi's gulf coast

The world’s best chilicheese burger. At $2.70, you can’t go wrong.

best chili cheeseburgers

Debbie has worked at Edd’s Drive-In for 35 years.

Debbie – I didn’t get her last name although she called me “baby” a dozen times in our short conversation – has been working at Edd’s since she graduated from high school in 1978.  She talked me into a large hot fudge sundae, but I couldn’t talk her into telling me the secret ingredient that makes their homemade chili so great.

Debbie didn’t have much to say about the new cash registers they installed in 2012. It’s the first time in the history of these chili cheeseburgers that customers have been able to pay with a credit or debit card.

Mississippi Gulf Coast

Debbie’s co-worker Pam hands me my hot fudge sundae, happy that she has worked at Edd’s for just a year and didn’t have to answer questions from pesky writers.

I got the impression Debbie isn’t too excited about the digital age, nor about travel writers taking pictures and asking so many questions. But she smiled anyway and gave me another napkin to wipe the hot fudge off my face before turning to wait on the next customer. 

She called him baby, too.

And I thought I was her favorite.









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