Brewnuts – Serving up Craft Beer and Donuts in Cleveland Ohio

Brewnuts in Cleveland, Ohio is a space made for the Homer Simpson in all of us.

Neon sign "donut mess with cleveland"Located in the very fun Gordon Square Arts District, Brewnuts is part bar—serving local brews on tap as well as cocktails, and milk and coffee—and part donut shop offering up creative treats that the donut-loving world has come to expect: bacon and chocolate chips and Fruit Loops and other weird stuff.


Cleveland Beer and Donuts

Brewnuts in Cleveland OhioCleveland takes its beer quite seriously as home to one of the country’s most ambitious microbrewing markets. Brewnuts owners John and Shelley Pippen are fans of most of those beers and they are also fans of donuts, so it made sense to combine the two in a business they love.

Beer is used in all of the glazes and sometimes, in the dough. “Beer as yeast makes a heavier cake-style donut and is just a little tricky to work with at times, so we don’t mess with it when the weather is weird,” says John.

Brewnuts donut shop and bar in ClevelandFrom a big cozy couch that offers a view into the kitchen, my friends and I watched the bakers mix a couple of cans of Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s Dortmunder Lager into the powdered sugar glaze. Wouldn’t it be great to lick the spatula from that mix – a sugar high/beer buzz combined!

It’s a fun place to hang out—big, cozy leather couches and board games, old commercial whisks as light fixtures. Repurposed diner stools and a bakery case from one of Cleveland’s Slovenian neighborhoods add local flavor.

picture of Walter White from Breaking BadBut my favorite part of the décor is the custom artwork for Brewnuts featuring Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in full cook mode, but their hazmat masks are, naturally, donuts.

About once a month, Brewnuts does a beer and donut pairing, using seasonal beers, donuts and other treats. John and Shelley plan to add a few more munchies to the menu – maybe a fried chicken sandwich or something where they can also use beer in the batter. And why not!

 Exterior neon sign for Brewnuts of Cleveland Ohio

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