Elvis Presley Haircut Day in Fort Smith Arkansas

You can all but hear the hysteria in the teenage girls’ voices. Their schoolgirl handwriting with big hearts drawn in the margins of their passionate letter begs President Dwight Eisenhower to employ his executive powers to prevent this national tragedy.

It was a matter of life and death, because, according to their letter, if the president didn’t intervene, these three young women “will just about die.”

Unfortunately, the president did nothing to avert this crisis and on March 25, 1958, disaster struck.

elvis presley barbershop


Elvis Presley entered the United States Army at Fort Chaffee Arkansas and yes, he got a GI haircut that included shaving off those sideburns that were among Presley’s many attributes that made young girls swoon in those days.

elvis presley barbershopSome fans still get a little weak in the knees when they enter the Chaffee Barbershop Museum and lay eyes on the spot where Elvis’ beautiful thick locks fell to the floor. The letter to President Eisenhower from the hysterical teenagers, original shop brooms and even a barber’s chair where gangster Bonnie Parker got her hair cut for the last time are also on display.

And if you come on March 25 this year, you can have your hair cut for free by descendants of the same barber who cut The King’s hair. Elvis Haircut Day, not yet a national holiday, but surely it should be, has been an annual event since the museum opened in 2010.

Please keep swooning to a minimum.


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