Sweet Reasons to Visit Detroit’s Greektown

detroit pastry shopForget Motown.

Forget great restaurants, museums and three professional sports arenas within walking distance of each other.

THE reason to visit Detroit is a little place called the Astoria Pastry Shop in a historic neighborhood east of downtown called Greektown.


Authentic Greek Pastry in Detroit

Greektown DetroitSince 1971 – long before the Detroit auto industry took a hit from imports and oil prices, long before the national economic downturn, long before the city filed for bankruptcy – the Teftis family and their employees at Astoria Pastry Shop on Monroe Street have been making baklava and other goodies. And just like the city of Detroit itself, the Astoria Pastry Shop survived and is sweeter than ever.

Greektown Detroit pastry shopGreektown is authentically Greek. In the early 1900s as immigrants from around the world came to Detroit to work in the auto and shipping industries, this is where those immigrants from Greece settled, bringing with them the best of their culture – like baklava, galaktompoureka, and choureki. You can find a dozen or more restaurants within a few square blocks here that showcase that authentic oooompah!

greektown detroitServing a half dozen kinds of baklava, including a perfect little morsel called bird’s nest baklava, the Astoria Pastry Shop also has dozens of cookies, cupcakes, carrot cake, chocolate covered strawberries, candies, ice cream, and flavored coffees. The place is packed with customers all but drooling over the cases filled with more than 100 sweet treats from 8 a.m. each day until at least midnight each night.

So I retract my original statement. Don’t forget Motown or the great restaurants and museums in Detroit, or even those sports teams that can cause a bit of angst for visiting teams and their fans now and then.

Just sweeten your visit to Detroit with multiple visits to the Astoria Pastry Shop in Greektown.

greektown detroit pastry shop


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