Celebrating Harry Truman in Independence Missouri and Beyond

 Independence Missouri is considered the hometown of Harry Truman, the 33rd president of the United States.  He was actually born near the southwest Missouri village of Lamar in 1884 at a place that is a Missouri State Historic Site.

Just south of Kansas City in Grandview is the Harry S. Truman Farm, a part of the Truman National Historic Site. He lived and worked there with his family for 11 years.

Truman Presidential Library in Independence

On May 8 each year, cake and punch is served at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum.  It’s a great place all of the time to learn about the grit of this man that made some difficult decisions to end World War II, to desegregate the U.S. military, and lead us into the Korean War.

But to really celebrate Harry’s birthday, stop in for ice cream at Clinton’s Soda Fountain, where the future president worked as a teenager.

Photo by Bruce N. Meyer

Then step next door to “Wild About Harry,” a modern era haberdashery saluting one of Truman’s many failed careers. Wild About Harry is not a souvenir shop, although some Truman souvenirs are available. Check out the collection of presidential bobbleheads as well as clocks and coasters with some of Harry’s best sayings.

Looking for cuff links made from   

   Looking for cuff links made from football leather?  High-end model airplanes? Bar tools for the man-cave?  Or a hand-crafted walking stick or a cane like that which Harry used strolling the streets of Independence?  That’s the type of product you’ll find at Wild About Harry. 

   It’s just a fun place to look around and explore, for men and women, but truly a great place to buy local and celebrate Harry Truman’s lively presence in Independence.  


Wild About Harry’s in Independence is a place you can purchase an Open Road hat by Stetson, a favorite of the late president. Photo by Bruce N. Meyer


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