Historic Hotel B&B in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

 Laurium Michigan is probably not one of those places that you’ll accidentally stumble upon in your travels. Located near the tippy top of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it’s just about as far north as you can go in the continental US before splashing into Lake Superior.

We discovered the town on our way to Isle Royale National Park, located out in the middle of that big lake they call Gichigame. (more on that later).

michigan bed and breakfastWe were delighted to discover the Laurium Manor Inn, a historic hotel in that community. Laurium and adjacent Calumet were home to the rich and powerful of the copper mining industry in the late 1800s. The Laurium Manor Inn, with 45 rooms and four floors, took several years to build, but by 1908, it was finally ready for Thomas Hoatson and his wife Cornelia to move in.

historic hotelThe Hoatsons had mighty fine tastes. The 1,100 square foot front porch has more than 200,000 tiles laid by hand. The triple grand staircase is hand carved oak and the maids’ bathroom fixtures, all original, are nicer than most homes today.

Many light fixtures throughout the house are original. The house had electric lights in 1908 and I love it that the push button switches from that period are still used today.

David and Julie Sprenger own the inn now and have dumped tons of their own money into restoring the home. They have found some original furnishings, including the dining room table on which homemade cookies await guests who check in and where breakfast is served each morning. Julie tells us that there’s a button on the floor that Cornelia could tap inconspicuously when it was time for the butler to serve another course.

Historic Hotel in Michigan's UPIf you enjoy a glimpse into the past and an authentic overnight experience, the Laurium Manor Inn is the kind of place you will like.  Spend the night or come for a tour, the next time you find yourself in Michigan’s U.P.



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