Luxury Travel at a Wyoming Truck Stop

“Truck stop” and “resort” are terms not often found in the same sentence together, and in all of my travels, I’ve not found the two at the same interstate exit.

However, take exit 9 off of Interstate 80 at Cheyenne Wyoming and you’ll find a luxury truck stop and resort.

It’s the Little America Resort, as nice a hotel property as you’ll ever find.  A lovely winding driveway lined with well-manicured flowerbeds and other landscaping brings guests to the portico and the lovely accommodations within.

When we arrived, my first site was a group of people exiting with huge ice cream cones.  That’s one of Little America’s calling cards – 50¢ ice cream cones. It works for me.

But beyond the ice cream cones, you’ll find French silk wall coverings, English wool carpeting, Venetian crystal chandeliers and a public art collection that would make the Louvre take notice.


There’s a golf course and swimming pool and 90 acres of very lovely, pleasant grounds to enjoy the breathing room that is Wyoming.

And then just down the hill is the actual truck stop, where 18-wheelers roll in off the road in search of diesel and their drivers in search of a hot shower and hot cup of coffee.  Just being nosy, I stuck my head into the shower area and it was nicer than both my guest room and my shower at home.

Many truck stops notoriously embrace the seedier, racier aspects of life, but you won’t find that at Exit 9 in Cheyenne. It’s clean and bright and fresh and safe.

Then I learn that there are seven other Little America Resorts, based out of the town Little America Wyoming, each as nice as the rest. The owners are Carol and Earl Holding, individuals who take great pride in the product they present to the world.

They appreciate art, good food, cleanliness and comfort – and ice cream.

It works for me.

My room, before I spread my junk everywhere

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One Response to Luxury Travel at a Wyoming Truck Stop

  1. Sandy says:

    What a lovely place. I would go there in a minute if I had the money. Smile.

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