Our New Zealand Camper Van Vacation – Day 3

Bruce used my towel this morning. We’re allotted only two towels for this 8-day journey and Bruce used MY towel this morning.
new zealand camper van

Photo by Bruce N. Meyer

So far, our marriage is surviving our little home on wheels, although the towel caper was a serious stressor. The Maui camper van we’re in is 7.2 meters long, and like at home, Bruce has spread his stuff over about 7.1 meters of our space.
But we have all of the basics – a little refrigerator slightly bigger than what mnew zealand camper vanost college dorm rooms have, a microwave, a TV/DVD player, a coffee pot, toaster and pots & pans.
The bed makes up to a king size, and if I had my two kittens to snuggle with, it would almost be as comfortable as our king size bed at home.
The bathroom is another story. If you are no taller than 5 feet, are a size 2 and accomplished at Houdini-like contortions, it will serve you well. 
Fortunately, the New Zealand holiday parks have wonderful restrooms and shower facilities, so I’ve only used the camper bathroom in an emergency. Bruce promises me that I get to empty the tank later this week.
Tonight, as the sun set over the Tasman Sea, I grilled chicken on the outdoor grill,New Zealand Camper Van sliced a couple of tomatoes and zapped baked potatoes in the microwave. It was a better dinner than many I make at home.
The holiday parks all have wifi, so tonight as Bruce is doing laundry – washing my towel among other things – I’m propped up with my netbook actually getting some work done.

New Zealand Camper van








New Zealand Camper van



Things I brought along that I’m glad I did:
• A plastic baggie of laundry detergent for Bruce
• Washcloths – I always do because so few international destinations provide washcloths.
• A tote bag for carrying essentials to the shower room.
• My favorite husband of 28 years.



Suset on the Tasman Sea. Photo by Bruce N. Meyer

4 thoughts on “Our New Zealand Camper Van Vacation – Day 3

  1. Deborah Stockhausen

    Wow, what a way to get your husband to do the laundry. I think I’m going to leave my towel lying around hoping it gets used. BTW great photo of the Tasman Sea. I can’t repeat Lauren’s comment when she heard where you guys were and what you were doing but I can tell you she is very jealous.

    1. Diana Lambdin Meyer Post author

      Well, Lauren has seen this part of the world, it’s taken me 53 years to get here. Although Uncle Sam did allow Bruce a 2 week R&R to explore Australia in 1969.
      Tell Lauren to log on and read. The more readers I have the better opportunity for making $$.

  2. Sandy

    Oh my gosh, my hubby and I would be killing each other by now. lol Thank God, you have other utilities to use besides the bathroom. That’s a gorgeous sunset by the Tasman Sea.

    1. Diana Lambdin Meyer Post author

      Really, it’s going amazingly well Sandy, but space is indeed a premium. When the weather is nice, it’s great, but last night it rained, so cooking/eating inside was not a much fun.

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