Portland Oregon – PDX – Airport Shopping Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Portland International Airport

The people of Portland so love their airport that they wear T-shirts and socks with the PDX carpet pattern. Now that’s just weird!

Shopping in airports is something I don’t get. Besides a meal on layovers, the most I’ve ever purchased at an airport is a bottle of water or candy bar, and yes, toothpaste after TSA has confiscated my lethal tube of Colgate. I go to airports to go somewhere – not shop.

But the Portland International Airport is so cool, I would fly half way across the country to shop there. Portland Oregon itself is so fun and funky that it shouldn’t surprise you that its airport – PDX – is so fun.

Portland Powells




Big Name Stores at PDX

Book lovers know Portland as the home of Powell’s Books, the largest independent bookstore in the world. They’ve got a location in the airport welcoming people to the City of Books. What’s not to love about that!

Pendleton PDXPortland is also the corporate home of some fabulous brands that have filled the Meyer family closets for years – Columbia, Pendleton, Nike. They all have outlets at PDX, often carrying the latest and greatest not yet found in stores around the world.

So while I never shop at airports, I bought my husband a Columbia sweatshirt. I tried on a pair of boots that I was so tempted to buy, but my carry-on bag was already full-to-overflowing because of the box of VooDoo Doughnuts I was taking home. And I already had a Columbia jacket and a Pendleton scarf in the bag.

Portland – PDX – Travel Advice

PDX shoppingSo here’s my travel advice: Book a round trip flight to PDX. Take an empty carry-on bag. When you get off the plane, don’t bother to leave security. Shop all of the name brands as well as the Made In Oregon shop. Then board your plane and head back home.

The only problem with that is VooDoo Doughnuts. They don’t have a location at PDX. If that’s a deal breaker, amend the original plan and spend some time in Portland. You can’t go wrong either way.







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