Beautiful Talbot County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Maryland's Eastern Shore

Photo by Diana Lambdin Meyer

A simple white farmhouse in a rural area on the eastern shore of Maryland was once home to the first members of my family who came to the United States. They settled here, in Talbot County, in the late 17th Century. After a couple of generations, some followed the American dream and began to move west, explore and help build a nation.

I discovered this house a few years ago on an unexpected journey with my parents, who had traveled east, in part, to find this Lambdin homestead. I was in the nation’s capitol working on another story, so serendipity intervened allowing me to join my parents for a beautiful spring weekend on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

maryland's eastern shore

Photo by Diana Lambdin Meyer

The farm and home are near the village of St. Michael’s in Talbot County. A beautiful little town it is, and we spent an afternoon exploring the graveyard at Christ Episcopal Church, an anchor in this community for 300 years. It was an odd sense of connectivity to think that the church bells we heard tolling that afternoon had also been heard by our ancestors who are now buried here.


The town is famous for a little trickery during the War of 1812. Word got out that the British ships gathering in Chesapeake Bay were gunning for the town’s ship building industry.

maryland's eastern shoreSo the clever townspeople extinguished all of the lights and fires in town, then went a few miles down the bay and hung lit lanterns in the trees of an unoccupied area.  Sure enough, that night the British blasted those lanterns to smithereens and the town of St. Michael’s was spared.

I wonder if my great-great-great-grandparents were a part of that trickery.  Something in my DNA believes the answer is yes.

Maryland's Eastern Shore

My father searching for family history in St. Michael’s Maryland. Photo by Diana Lambdin Meyer


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Talbot County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

  1. Sandy

    What a wonderful history for you and your family, Diana. I have a lot of sympathy for the people on the east coast who have endured so much and continue to do so.

  2. Mary P. Sayler Kalb

    Please check out the Bethlehem Methodist Episcopal Church in Talbot Co. Built originally in 1787. Lots of Lambdins buried there including my Great Grandmother Harriet Lambdin Smith who’s first husband was William Fairbank my Great Grandfather. They divorced and she then married Mr. Smith can’t remember his first name.

    1. Diana Lambdin Meyer Post author

      Thank you Mary. We walked through that cemetery too. I look forward to returning.

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