Thanksgiving Dinner Every Day in New York’s Finger Lakes

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Valerie Stote has been serving wonderful turkey dinners every day at the Holloway House for more than a decade. Photo by Diana Lambdin Meyer

Thanksgiving dinner in the United States is often the most anticipated and overly-consumed meal of the year. Forget anniversary dinners or July 4th picnics or birthday brunches with friends.

Thanksgiving dinner is indeed the   best meal of the year!

But if you crave that yummy turkey, stuffing, homemade mashed potatoes, stuffing gravy and cranberry sauce any other day of the year, head to The Holloway House in New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes area.




Good Food in a Historic Setting

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The Holloway House in East Bloomfield NY Photo by Diana Lambdin Meyer

As much as we love Thanksgiving, it’s interesting to note that it didn’t become a federal holiday in the U.S. with a specific date until 1941. But long before that, food to be thankful for was being served just west of Canandaigua in the Finger Lakes at a little tavern on a dirt road that is now Highway 20.

A blacksmith by the name of Peter Holloway watched the westward expansion of the nation pass by his home and recognized the need to fill some hungry bellies. He started in 1808 by cooking over a fireplace in the basement to feed stagecoach passengers and other road-weary travelers.

More than 200 years later, his house still stands, complete with the original oak-peg floor boards. That in itself is worth a stop at the Holloway House, but oh, the food, that’s worth the journey as well.

Dining at the Holloway House

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One of the intimate, original dining rooms at the Holloway House. Photo by Diana Lambdin Meyer

Sally Lunn Bread served warm with fresh butter is a speciality, as is an unusual relish called Killarney Kress. It’s basically sour kraut and lots of sugar and vinegar, but quite a colorful addition to the table.

If you don’t eat turkey or would prefer something else, the menu also includes roast duck, steak and wild salmon and some vegetarian options.

I’m quite sure the Pilgrims would approve. They were thankful for every bite, as we should be every day. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving to give thanks. 

where to eat in the finger lakes

Killarney Kress makes a colorful addition to the table









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