Visiting the George Eastman Home in Rochester NY

eastman kodak camerasThe name Eastman Kodak doesn’t mean a lot to most travelers today, but there was a time when planning your dream vacation included packing your Kodak. Kodak was synonymous with camera and George Eastman is the man to thank for it.

A native of upstate New York born in 1854, George Eastman was a tinkerer and entrepreneur. But he was also a bird watcher and lover of all things nature. He
was fascinated with photography, which in the late 19th century was a cumbersome, expensive endeavor. Eastman toted those heavy boxes on tripods and glass plates on his first trip to the eastman kodak camerasDominican Republic in an effort to photograph the wildlife he loved and then he decided there had to be an easier way.

George began tinkering with emulsion in his mom’s kitchen sink and by 1888 we had an inexpensive lightweight camera that anyone could use. In a few years, he created the Brownie camera just for kids to encourage them to get out and document their world. 


The George Eastman Home

George Eastman House Rochester NYSo, that’s who George was. By 1905, he had more money than God, so he built this magnificent 15 bedroom house in Rochester NY, where the company is also headquartered. 

You learn some nice things about George when touring his home. Believing that “music is a spiritual necessity,” the house is equipped with a 66 pipe Aeolian Organ. Each morning at breakfast, a live organist filled the mansion with music.

gardensThe estate has eight gardens and if you were a female guest at his home, each morning you would receive a live, fresh orchid.  Aaahhh. The gardens are still well-cared for and beautiful today.

The Eastman house includes a theater that plays old movies shot on Kodak film and other historical film techniques that often draws visitors from Hollywood to study the technique.

Giving Away Millions

George Eastman was the kind of guy who made the world better with his invention and the money he made from it. He gave away boatloads of money to his employees in the earliest forms of profit sharing. He gave to schools, dental clinics, the Rochester Institute of Technology, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Tuskegee Institute. He founded the now prestigious Eastman School of Music.

Some estimates say that he gave away as much as $100 million dollars in his life time.

An avid cyclist throughout much of his life, George began noticing decreased mobility in his legs in his late 70s, which was attributed to spinal stenosis. On March 14, 1932, as the organist provided music throughout his home, George Eastman took his own life, leaving a note that read “My work is done. Why wait?”


george eastman house


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