Enjoy Original Southern Food and Culture in Little Rock Arkansas

Oxford American magazineSouth on Main is a fun and unusual southern restaurant in Little Rock Arkansas‘ SoMa neighborhood, one of those old neighborhoods that experiences new life in many cities thanks to the arts and some hard-working and independent entrepreneurs.

Oxford American magazine, an icon of southern culture, has built a cultural center and performance venue to showcase musicians, poets and artists of diverse media. Of course, any culture is clearly defined by its food, so a restaurant featuring southern cooking is a key component to the Oxford American vision.


little rock clubsThat restaurant is South On Main and Matt Bell is the owner and chef, who buys his produce from Dunbar Community Garden, serves drinks in blue Mason jars and who sits down to eat with his staff each night before the restaurant opens for dinner.

He invites guests to submit their favorite recipes, which he will prepare with a modern flair, and place on the menu attributing it to the family who submitted it.

But South on Main is more than a restaurant. It’s also a popular Little Rock club, a performance venue that showcases the music, literature and performing arts of the south. A kudzu boogie band one night, followed by a poetry reading the next, a blues guitarist the next.

It’s a pretty cool thing they’ve got going here in the 1300 block of Main. If you’re looking for original and authentic in your southern travels, South on Main and Oxford American delivers in Little Rock Arkansas.


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