Best Breakfast Spot in Reno Nevada and Beyond

The Squeeze is a great breakfast spot in Reno NevadaIf you’re reading this, you may have recently been in the men’s restroom at the Squeeze-In Restaurant in Reno, NV.  

I, too, was there and took advantage of the bulletin board-style decor of the restrooms to reach out to a possible new audience of mojotravelers.

Seriously, the women’s restroom was full and the men’s was empty. You know how it goes. As a result, My mojo business cards now contribute to the room’s reading material.



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Best Breakfast Spot EVER in Reno, NV

Funky wall decor at the Squeeze In in Reno NevadaThe Squeeze-In is more than the best place for breakfast in the Sierras. It’s a place with more personality than can be squeezed into this nondescript strip mall.

You know something special is going on when Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons cartoon meets John Wayne and Captain Kirk from Star Trek all in one dining room.

Throw in some psychedelic graffiti, some love beads and a surf board, and you’ve got some real mojo going down.

A big plate of French toast at the Squeeze In in Reno NevadaPlus, the breakfast menu at the Squeeze-In is as out-of-the-box as the decor. They claim the “best omelettes on the planet” and 107 quadrillion combinations of those omelettes. The average wait for breakfast at any of the locations is about 40 minutes.

My friend Amy was intrigued by something called a “Hot Sweaty Busboy.”  I was so flustered by her order that I went for a simple, but yummy serving of French toast.

The Family Behind the Best Breakfast in Reno Nevada

A surf board hangs from the ceiling at the Squeeze In in Reno NevadaThis is one of those family-owned, small businesses that politicians like to blabber about. This family happens to be the Youngs, whom you’ll find in the kitchen, in the dining room and in the office.

Gary and Misty are the mom and pop of the brood who, back in the 70s, would take their children to breakfast to the original Squeeze-In about 30 miles away in Truckee, California.  

When the business came up for sale and right in the middle of the worst recession since that last one, the Youngs decided to open up another Squeeze-In in Reno. Now they’ve got two in Reno, another nearby in Sparks, NV, two in Las Vegas and lots more in the planning here and there.

Of course, I’m not the first journalist to spread the word of the Squeeze-In’s funky offerings. The Food Network and Bobby Flay did a segment and local publications have awarded the Squeeze-In the Best Breakfast in Truckee and the Best Breakfast in Reno.

But I bet I’m the first one to advertise on the men’s restroom wall. 

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