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Kansas Myths and Legends: The True Stories behind History’s Mysteries – $16.95

Is there money buried in pickle jars under the prairie near Independence Kansas?  Who stole the fortune from President Dwight Eisenhower’s family? And what really motivated Carry Nation to grab a hatchet and chop up saloons throughout Kansas and the Midwest?

 Kansas Myths and Legends takes a look at some of the legendary figures of Kansas history and some of the lesser known mysteries and myths surrounding their lives.  From Amelia Earhart to Buffalo Bill Cody, the book seeks fresh answers to lingering questions about their actions, the lives and their fate.

In addition, Myths and Mysteries of Kansas looks at the first family of serial killers to terrify a nation, at the troubled history of some orphan train riders, and the what-ifs of Nicodemus, a little town in northwest Kansas that has earned international attention.

Nebraska:  Off the Beaten Path – $16.99


Nebraska Off the Beaten Path features the things travelers and locals want to see and experience––if only they knew about them. From the best in local dining to quirky cultural tidbits to hidden attractions, unique finds, and unusual locales, Nebraska Off the Beaten Path takes the reader down the road less traveled and reveals a




Thousand-Miler: Adventures Hiking the Ice Age Trail


My friend Melanie is a kick-ass long distance hiker with a goal to hike all of the National Scenic Trails in the U.S. I had never heard of the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin until she set it in her sights. She hiked 1100 miles in 34 days and four hours, the fastest time for any woman on the trail.

Even if you’re not a hiker, I think you’ll love this story. It’s a lot about nature, about inspiration and introspection.  



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