Fun Cheyenne Wyoming Restaurant Located in a Trolley Car

Our first day in Cheyenne Wyoming, we were delighted by the number of bright red trolleys on the streets. Then our delight multiplied when we learned one of Cheyenne’s best restaurants was also in a trolley car.

A bright red trolley rolls through the streets of Cheyenne Wyoming.Trolley tours are great ways to start your exploration of any community, and that includes Cheyenne Wyoming. We had a wonderful narrated tour, learning the history of the state capital, the old west days here and of course, always a colorful story or two of bordellos and the services rendered in the day. Why do we giggle at that?

One of Cheyenne Wyoming’s best restaurants is also a trolley, one that plied the streets of Cheyenne in the early 1900s. After 12 years in service, in 1926, it came to a stop on West Lincolnway and has been there ever since taking on another life as a fun diner, known most of its life as “The Luxury Diner.”

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Best Breakfast in Cheyenne Wyoming

The exterior of the Luxury Diner, a restaurant located in a trolley in Cheyenne Wyoming.To minimize the long line that forms outside the door, especially on weekend mornings, owners Bernie and Mollie Mills, built a second room on to the trolley in 2001, taking care not to distract from the original setting. John Coolbaugh now owns the fun little eatery, but has no plans for any changes. Besides, there’s just no space to expand, up, down, back or front.

The interior of the Luxury Diner, a fun restaurant in Cheyenne Wyoming.Although the diner is quite pleasant, it’s a bit of a stretch to call this a “luxury” dining experience. I had some really good biscuits and gravy, and my colleagues raved about their French Toast. The waitress was attentive, the prices reasonable, but luxury it was not.

But that’s OK. I’m not a luxurious kind of gal, instead preferring to enjoy some local character, charm and history in the places I visit. I like to eat where the locals eat, a place owned by the locals, a place with some mojo.

But if you are looking for a luxurious kind of place to stay, with some unexpected twists and turns, might I suggest this nearby truck stop in Cheyenne.

Patrons enjoy breakfast at the Luxury Diner, a fun restaurant in Cheyenne Wyoming

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