ChiChi Dolls From Curaçao – Adorable Southern Caribbean Island Souvenirs

One of my favorite souvenirs from all of our travels is a Chichi Doll from Curaçao. In the Papiamento language spoken on the southern Caribbean island of Curaçao, the word “chichi” refers to a respected elder sister or female relative to whom younger family members would go to for advice or emotional support.

Creating ChiChi Dolls in Curaçao

Chichi Dolls are colorful souvenirs from Curacao.They are the creation of artist Serena Israel who has received some criticism for the fact that they are, well, a little curvy. Basically, they’ve got big butts and big boobs and some islanders see that as offensive.

But Serena’s original chichi doll came to life in 2008 as she was teaching an art class on how to draw the female form, and she fell in love with it. And hey, it’s not my big butt or curvy other parts. Let’s just have some fun.

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Chichi Dolls Provide Jobs in Curaçao

Colorful chichi dolls from Curacao.What I appreciate most about Serena Israel’s dolls is the employment opportunity and creative outlet she provides for many women in Curaçao. Serena creates the molds, then consigns the decorative painting to women in the area who would otherwise not have a source of income.

They take home the lifeless images and then just go wild with color, clothing and ideas.

These are not necessarily inexpensive trinkets. Serena pays her artists a decent wage. Some of the dolls run into several hundred dollars, but most will fit into your carry-on luggage. Pack it well, because mine broke on our flight home.

chichi dolls from curacaoThe Serena Israel Factory is on a dusty road in the central island village of Santa Catharina near the Ostrich Farm. But you can also find chichi dolls in folk art galleries around the island. A great place to find them Brievengat, one of several historic homes, or landhuis, to be transformed into art galleries, museums and performance theatres that introduce visitors to the creativity of islanders.

Of course, you can buy chichi dolls online now, but it’s just better to go to Curaçao and get your very own, and perhaps meet the wonderful women who make your chichi so delightful.

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