Dollywood Celebrates Pi Day Every Day With a 25 Pound Apple Pie

The big apple pie at DollywoodIf you salivate like I do to the aroma of a freshly baked pie just out of the oven, then let’s plan a trip to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge Tenn.

There are few things in life I enjoy as much as a good slice of pie — not so much a meringue pie, but don’t even think about getting between me and just about any flavor of fruit pie or cobbler.

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Dollywood’s Big Apple Pie

Dolly Parton on stage at DollywoodOnce in small press conference for travel writers, one of my colleagues asked Dolly about her favorite foods when she was growing up in these mountains. Tiny little size 2 Dolly admitted she was raised as a meat and potatoes girl. “We ate everything fried and fried some more,” she laughed

I wanted to ask Dolly about the famous apple pie served at the theme park where we were, but the opportunity didn’t present itself.

You see, Dollywood boasts a 25-pound apple pie. That’s about the size of a one year old child. They cut up 15 pounds of apples per pie. Throw in some cinnamon and sugar and a bunch of butter. And wow, it’s sure to add about 25 pounds to your waistline.

In a cast iron skillet that is 17 inches in diameter and almost 3 inches deep, the pie bakes about two hours to reach that perfect golden brown. You know, the best cooks only use cast iron for their baking. For some thing as deep as this pie, cast iron all but guarantees an even temperature throughout. The aroma from this 25-pound bad boy fills the entire 150 acre park, floating into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

An individual slice of Dollywood’s big apple pie weighs three pounds. I begrudgingly shared mine with Bruce, something that doesn’t happen often. And oh my gosh, it was just as flavorful and mouth-watering yummy as you can imagine.

Other Big Pies and Treats at Dollywood

The big apple pie and other baked goods at DollywoodThe 25-pound apple pie and other goodies come from the Spotlight Bakery just as you enter the front gates at Dollywood. Just follow your nose.

The bakers are the kind of cooks everybody’s grandmother should be. They created the 25 pound pie for Dollywood’s 25th anniversary and never took it off the menu. Although the really big apple pie continues to be the best seller, the Dollywood bakers have added a cranberry/walnut/apple pie and a white chocolate/oatmeal/apple pie to the Spotlight Bakery menu.

 If I had had an ounce of space left in my tummy, I would have picked up some cinnamon bread and some of those other goodies. But I couldn’t think about food.

So let’s hit the road to Pigeon Forge, but I won’t promise that I’ll share a slice of that big apple pie. If you can’t wait for a road trip, note that Dollywood ships its pies as well. Why would you ever bake one at home again?

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