Door County Wisconsin’s Best Ice Cream Parlor

Ephraim is one of the delightful little communities in Door County Wisconsin, about half way up the peninsula. There are many reasons to experience this nostalgic village – including the sunset –  but none sweeter than Wilson’s Ice Cream Parlor.

A line of people gather at Wilson's Ice Cream Parlor in Door County Wisconsin.It’s bright red and white-striped awnings, flower-lined front porch and old-fashioned storefront is all authentic — not something some corporation pulled together to lull consumers into false sense of time and place.

Wilson’s Ice Cream Parlor has been just the way it is today since 1906 when Oscar and Mattie Wilson and their four boys moved to Door County. The business remained in the Wilson family 55 years and is now in the capable hands of Roy and Diane Elquist.

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Best Ice Cream Parlor in Door County

 The 1906 Root Beer, available to go by the gallons, is home-brewed, like it always has been. Root beer floats are among the most popular treats at Wilson’s, so that’s what my husband ordered. But I liked the Cherry Berry Delight that includes wild cherries, blueberries and strawberries with French Vanilla ice cream. I mean, you’re in cherry country, so the laws of nature while in Door County is that you eat as many cherries as possible.

Staff making ice cream at Wilson's Ice Cream Parlor in Door County.

Photo courtesy of Door County Visitors Bureau

But there’s more to enjoy than ice cream at Wilson’s. Some people drive all of the way to Ephraim just for the hamburgers, hot dogs and BLT’s. Of course, in this part of Wisconsin, you also have to have a white fish sandwich on the menu, which Wilson’s does to great acclaim.

Blessings in Door County Wisconsin

Sunset at Ephraim in Door County WisconsinEphraim was founded by Moravians in 1853. The unusual name is a Hebrew word that means “twice blessed.”

Sitting on the front porch of Wilson’s Ice Cream Parlor, eating a Cherry Berry Delight and watching the sunset in beautiful Door County — that’s more than two blessings, but really, you soon lose count in peaceful place like this.

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