Sleep Where Elvis Presley Slept in Bad Nauheim Germany

Elvis Presley's official Army photo.Bad Nauheim Germany, a short train ride from Frankfurt, is an idyllic little community known for its healing waters, fresh air and spas. But all of that serenity ended in October 1958 when an American GI named Elvis Aaron Presley was stationed in nearby Friedberg.

Being the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis spent just a few nights in the Army barracks in Friedburg, then received permission to live off base with his father, grandfather, secretary and private security. Elvis chose a small hotel in Bad Nauheim called the Villa Grunewald.

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Elvis Presley’s Home in Bad Nauheim Germany

Villa Grunewald where Elvis slept in Bad Nauheim Germany

Elvis and his entourage took up the entire third floor. The King slept in Room No. 10. But after a few months, hotel management suggested the Presley party might be more comfortable elsewhere.

The house where Elvis lived in Bad Nauheim GermanyIt’s not that they misbehaved, but there were all of these screaming girls hanging around and it was just too disruptive for the other guests. Elvis then rented a nearby home for his remaining year of military service. It was here he met a 14 year-old Priscilla Ann Beaulieu.

That home is now a private residence, but Elvis walking tours through the city highlight which house it is. The Villa Grunewald went on about its business for many years, but eventually deteriorated and closed permanently.


Sleep in Elvis Presley’s Bedroom

Elvis Presley's bedroomThe villa was recently brought back to life as a modern hotel, except for Room No. 10. Other than a fresh mattress and a few other hygienic necessities, the room is exactly as it was when Elvis slept here. The same furniture, the same bathroom, the same pictures on the walls and the same curtains at the windows.

Elvis Presley's BathroomRoom No. 10 is a functioning guest room. Of course, you have to put down a hefty deposit. The hotel manager makes sure everything is still there before he removes that charge on your credit card.

The room includes an Army uniform that may or may not have been Elvis’, but the softball and mitt, they say, did belong to Elvis. The guitar, too, belonged to the King.

The European Home of Elvis Presley

Shortly after Elvis died in August 1977, the people of Bad Nauheim Germany erected a monument in front of the Villa Grunewald declaring their city the European Home of Elvis Presley. Every day since, flowers, candles and other mementos left by adoring fans fill the courtyard where the monument rests.

Elvis Presley Memorial in Bad Nauheim Germany

Elvis Presley's Birthday Cake

While you’re in Bad Nauheim, seek out the Beehive Bakery, a typical German bakery operated by the same family for three generations. Elvis celebrated his 24th birthday while in Germany and this shop made his birthday cake. It’s a heavy duty rich chocolate thing, and not not available all year long, just for a few days in August during the European Elvis Presley Festival.

But don’t worry. There are plenty of Elvis Presley souvenirs in Bad Nauheim —from a special blend of coffee and wine, which Elvis never drank, to rubber duckies with Elvis hair and a microphone.

After returning home to Memphis, Elvis never left the good old USA again.

When you’re traveling in Bad Nauheim, it is not at all difficult to find quality roses to leave at Elvis’ memorial. Here’s why.