A Visit to Family-Friendly Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri is the world headquarters of Hallmark Cards. The greeting card company’s gift to the traveling public is a wonderful 80-acre complex called Crown Center. Get it – the crown that’s on the back of all of those greeting cards, the crown that is a part of the Kansas City Royals. You’ll find crowns all over Kansas City.

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Family-Friendly Kansas City Missouri

This image shows the colorful entrance to the Coterie Children's Theatre on the lower level of Crown Center in Kansas City Missouri.

Crown Center is a large part of why Kansas City is such a great family-friendly destination. There’s the Coterie Children’s Theatre, which is often recognized as the top children’s theatre in the country.

Kids get creative at the Kaleidoscope creative center at Crown Center in Kansas City.

The employees of Hallmark Cards volunteer their time and resources to provide Kaleidoscope, a hands-on, creative center that nourishes the artist in all of us.

Another top notch family-friendly attraction at Crown Center is the SeaLife Aquarium. Among the 30 exhibits is one of those wonderful plexiglass tunnels that you walk through and see the fish swimming all around. Stingrays are among the creatures that swim over head, along with zebra sharks and other marine life.

A beautiful sting ray floats over head in a plexiglass tunnel at the SeaLife Aquarium at Crown Center in Kansas City Missouri.

Touch a Starfish at SeaLife Aquarium

Two little girls lean against a glass exhibit at the Sea Life Aquarium at Crown Center in Kansas City Missouri.You don’t get to touch stingrays at this aquarium, but you can hold a crab and touch a starfish. You see and learn about everything from jelly fish to octopus to seahorses. Did you know that jellies have no heart, blood or brain?

A beautiful red star fish is among the exhibits at the SeaLife Aquarium at Crown Center in Kansas City Missouri.I prefer to learn about wildlife in their natural environment, but that’s not always possible for everyone. A visit to the SeaLife Aquarium is a wonderful reminder of the many creatures with which we share this beautiful world.

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LegoLand At Crown Center in Kansas City

The entrance to Legoland ad the SeaLife Aquarium at Crown Center inKansas City Missouri.

Adjacent to the SeaLife Aquarium at Crown Center is LEGOLAND. Although it’s a family-friendly attraction, the once-monthly adults-only night where a glass of wine is included in the price of admission is the hottest date night ticket around.

Kansas City in miniature made out of Legos at Legoland at Crown Center in Kansas City MissouriKids and adults can appreciate the detail of Kansas City in miniature via 20 iconic buildings and locations, all made out of LEGOs. The proximity to Kansas requires that the Wizard of Oz is a part of the landscape here. Dorothy’s flying house, the balloon that could have transported her safely home, and of course Munchkin-land, the Wicked Witch’s Castle and the Emerald City are special features..

A race car center out of Legos at Legoland at Crown Center in Kansas City MissouriWhere was this when my son was spending our fortune on these little plastic bricks – a Master Model Building Academy.  Each day, one of the Discovery Center’s master builders offer techniques to overcome some typical engineering challenges that LEGO fanatics often encounter. Have a design problem or question? This is the place to get the answers.

How’s the supply of LEGOs at your house?


A construction worker with a paint brush made of Legos at Legoland at Crown Center in Kansas City Missouri.There’s a theater to watch the latest LEGO movie, a soft play area for infants and toddlers and a pink place to remind girls that they can build great structures as well as the boys can. A special event of some kind or another is always underway to continue the LEGO building challenge.

Savvy parents know that the Crown Center hotels often offer family packages that include tickets to LegoLand and/or the SeaLife Aquarium. If you’re staying somewhere else, at least buy tickets for both destinations at the same time and save some money on your family-friendly visit to Kansas City.

           Tip: While you are in Crown Center, pick up a special Kansas City Souvenir on the 2nd Floor Customer Service area.