Manitoba’s Farmery Beer Is Canada’s First Estate Brewery

Microbreweries, or craft breweries, are a dime a dozen throughout North America, but The Farmery Brewery just north of Winnipeg Manitoba in Canada is something a little special.

Chris Warwuruk and his brothers were raised on a grain farm in Manitoba. They came to Winnipeg for college and stayed to operate a restaurant. But they are farmers at heart and wanted to express their love of the land and lifestyle in the products they serve.

The result is The Farmery Estate Brewery.

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What is an Estate Brewery?

Farmery Beer being poured into a glass.

You may be familiar with estate wineries. That’s where grapes are grown for wine produced on the same land. No outside grapes or juice are imported. That’s been a concept for eons.

An estate brewery is the same thing, but not much beer is produced in such a setting, probably became of the massive amounts of land needed to produce the grain to support the brewery. Most craft brewers buy grain from farmers or suppliers to make their beer.

The Warwuruk brothers grow the hops, wheat and barley needed for beer right there. They then brew it and bottle it just a few steps away. It’s like farm-to-table dining, only instead, it’s farm-to-bottle brewing.

Farmery Brewery, a Canadian beer produced in an estate breweryGuests to the estate can walk around in the hops fields and learn more about what contributes to great hops, that then makes great beer.

Complete with tasting room, the Warwuruk brothers believe theirs is the first estate brewery in North America. They also offer malted sodas in the tasting room.

 A Beer Made for the Farmer in All of Us

The Farmery label features a traditional Farmery Beer is Canada's first estate breweryred barn and tractor tires. Theirs was an Allis Chalmers farm, which, for those uninitiated, means the tractors and other farm equipment were a reddish-orange color. Therefore, the Farmery’s packaging and marketing is in a similar reddish-orange. Personally, I prefer John Deere green with yellow accents, but it’s not my brewery.

Bruce and I raised a glass with Chris over a slice of poutine pizza. We talked a bit about agri-technology, yields per acre and the lack of understanding endured by most family farmers.

We told him how excited we were for the brewery, but were bummed to learn that Farmery beer is not available in the U.S. You can find it only in Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

So, a road trip back to Winnipeg? Yep, we’re thinking about it.

Farmery Beer, a Canadian beer made at an estate brewery in Manitoba

Tip: For another great Canadian beer, head east to St. John’s Newfoundland for beer made from icebergs.

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