Celebrate Groundhog Day All Year Long in Woodstock, Illinois

One of Bill Murray’s best movies ever was Groundhog Day, released in 1993. Groundhog Day was filmed in the northern Illinois community of Woodstock — a town immediately recognizable from scenes in the movie.

Groundhogs Day events in Woodstock Illinois Events at the annual Groundhog Day Festival in Woodstock include pancake breakfasts, free showings of the movie, dances and silly trivia contests in the days leading up to THE big day. That day is always February 2.

In Punxsutawney PA, the groundhog is Phil, but in Woodstock, his name is Willie. Both critters have the same task: After being hauled out of his warm hole in the ground by the scruff of his neck, Woodstock Willie and Punxsutawney Phil have the impossible responsibility of predicting the weather for the remainder of winter.

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Bill Murray Slept Here in Woodstock, Illinois

  If you can’t make it to Woodstock in February, put it on your agenda for later in the year, when it may be a bit warmer. Take a guided walking tour of 14 sites where memorable scenes in the movie were shot.

Look for the many plaques around town identifying scenes from the movie, like one on the curb with a footprint, that says “Bill Murray Stepped Here”

Bill Murray in a scene from Groundhogs DayYou can’t order a donut at the Tip Top Cafe because that’s really an ice cream place. But you can spend the night at the magnificent Cherry Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast. In the movie it is portrayed as the Cherry Street Inn, the boarding house where Murray woke up over and over and over again.

Otherwise, hang out and enjoy the spirit of a small community that has embraced the groundhog as its lovable mascot and claim to fame.

Some Fun Groundhog Day Gear