Gstaad Switzerland’s Really Big Fondue Pots

Although you can enjoy traditional Swiss fondue literally in any restaurant or cafe anywhere in Switzerland, the people of Gstaad have created a delightful opportunity to experience fondue in what has to be the world’s biggest fondue pots.

Big fondue pot in a meadow in Switzerland

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Where to Find Switzerland’s Big Fondue Pots

The Molkerei Dairy in Gstaad SwitzerlandWe started at the adorable Molkerei Dairy in Gstaad, where 74 local dairy farmers sell their milk and cheese each day. In addition to a vast selection of cheeses, yogurts, milk and ice cream, the store also stocks a number of local wines, jellies, crackers, sausages and a few souvenirs. They sell some hard core fondue pots that really tempted me and my carry-on luggage space.

Hiking near Gstaad Switzerland

We asked for the fondue rucksack and within a few minutes, received a backpack filled with all the fixings for fondue. There was a nice little fondue pot with a can of sterno and matches, bread, wine and wine glasses, and of course, cheese. Then we received a map to the Big Fondue Pot.

A 30 minute hike out of town, past a few lovely chalets and up a hillside filled with cows took us to a beautiful meadow and a view that is simply postcard perfect Switzerland.

Making Fondue in a Really Big Fondue Pot

After removing the cover, which was kind of like taking the cover off of a hot tub, we found a big wooden table as the center of the pot, surrounded by wooden benches at the edges. Did you notice that the fencing around the pot was made with over-sized fondue forks? Such cute details.

Wine and fondue supplies in Gstaad Switzerland

It took less than 15 minutes to unpack our rucksack, light the sterno can and get the cheese all bubbly. Then we simply sat back and enjoyed the cheese, the Chasselas, which is a Swiss wine available only in Switzerland. As twilight came to the mountain sky, we sipped the last of the wine and packed up our rucksack for the brief hike back to town.

Sure, you can eat fondue in just about any cafe or restaurant in Switzerland, heck, most of Europe. But only in Gstaad can you enjoy it in a really big fondue pot in an alpine meadow with the glory of the world before you to enjoy.

Eating fondue in a big fondue pot in Gstaad Switzerland

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