Hell’s Kitchen, Great Brunch Spot in Minneapolis

It was like a million degrees below zero the last time I was in Minneapolis when a friend suggested we go out to brunch. I was perfectly happy indoors, but in the sense of adventure, I donned every piece of clothing I owned and struck out on the streets of the Twin Cities.

Hell’s KitchenHells Kitchen exterior sign, best brunch in Minneapolis, she said, was the place to go. Good, at least it will be warm in hell, I thought.

Now with a nod of respect to all of my friends in Minnesota, I know it’s not always cold there. Summers can be downright pleasant.

But that morning we went in search of Hell’s Kitchen was one of those days that gives Minneapolis a bad rap, where you want to make sure you’re wearing something plaid from the Bemidji Woolen Mills. But that’s another story.

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Brunch at Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis

Freaky chandelier at Hell's Kitchen MinneapolisUpon entering the restaurant, you descend a long dark staircase, I suppose indicative of the journey to hell. Some of the walls and ceilings are painted red. There’s a chandelier made of steak knives and meat cleavers. Here’s a tip: don’t bump your head on that thing as you walk under it.

Most days and nights, there’s a band playing in one corner — on Sunday mornings, it is a gospel group.

Bloody Mary's at Hell's Kitchen, a great brunch spot in Minneapolis

There’s always a lot of sass happening from the wait staff no matter what the time of day or week. When we were there, the waiters and waitresses were allowed to wear their pajamas to work the brunch shift, but that’s since been stopped. I bet the health department got all persnickety about it.

We were told the must-haves for brunch are the huevos rancheros and/or the lemon-ricotta hot cakes, so we did. And both were good, along with the coffee, the Bloody Marys and the Dr. Pepper.

Authentic Brunch Spot in Minneapolis

Lemon ricotta pancakes are best sellers from brunch at Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis.Hell’s Kitchen is what I would call an authentic restaurant. It’s been around since 2002 (before Gordon Ramsay’s TV Show), so that’s long enough to make it a landmark, I guess. It’s chef-owned. The devils are Mitch Omer and Steve Meyer. Theirs is not some fru-fru place, but a place with really good food, great service and spectacular atmosphere.

It was certainly worth a little frostbite to see what all of the fuss is about, but next time, I’ll go in June or July. If you can’t make it to Minneapolis, or it’s just too cold for you to get out the front door, Mitch and Steve have put together a cookbook with their favorite recipes called Damn Good Food.

Fun bathrooms at Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis

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