When to Enjoy The Kingdom of Cats in Rossiniére Switzerland

Largest Chalet in Switzerland in RossiniereRossiniére Switzerland is one of my favorite places in all of Europe, perhaps in all of the world. Located on the French speaking side of the country, Rossinére is one of those picture-postcard perfect Swiss villages.

The village is home to fewer than 550 people in the Vaud canton near Lake Leman. Rossiniére is home to the largest chalet in Switzerland, which is cool in itself.

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Swiss Home of French Painter Balthus

Cat Festival in Rossiniere SwitzerlandOne of community’s most famous residents was the French painter Balthus, who lived here from 1977 until his death in 2001. He was so cool that Bono sang at his funeral. Like many painters, Balthus’ work included nude women, but his second favorite subject was cats. And there you have it. He painted cats so often that he dubbed himself the King of Cats, thus the community in which he lived was, obviously, the Kingdom of Cats.

After his death, the people of Rossiniére decided to honor the creativity of their most famous neighbor by having a King of Cats Festival. But this isn’t your basic weekend event that includes arts & crafts, corn dogs and funnel cakes. That would be so gauche for an ultimately cool place like Rossiniére.

 King of Cats Festival in Rossiniére Suisse

Cat Art in Rossiniere Switzerland

Rossiniere Switzerland

King of Cats Festival in Rossiniere Switzerland

The King of Cats Festival is a public art project, somewhat like Cows on Parade and other public art events found throughout the U.S. But each business, each household, each individual is encouraged to create some piece of art representing a cat — no pre-form mold or “copy cat” art projects here.

Kingdom of Cats Festival in Rossiniere in SwitzerlandThe summer we visited, Le Roi Des Chats included 81 entries. sprinkled through the little village. My favorite was a simple audio installation under the porch of one home. Cats purred and mewed loudly and occasionally got into a cat fight, until it was too much for some neighbors.

Visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite and the winners receive fun prizes. The only thing wrong with the festival, IMHO, is that it happens only every other year in even numbered years.

So this is a call to all cat lovers and creative art lovers! begin your travel plans NOW for the 2020 King of Cats Festival in Rossiniére. I’ll be there!

The Kingdom of Cats Festival in Switzerland

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