A Hotel for Music Fans in Mannheim Germany

Exterior of Station HotelI hate to say it, but the exterior of the Staytion Hotel in Mannheim Germany, just two blocks from the train station, is kind of boring. Indeed, we almost walked past it as we were searching for the front door. It doesn’t jump up and down, warning you of what is inside. And it should because it’s so much fun.

But then you walk in the door and the fun unfolds before your eyes. There, in the lobby among other visual treats begging for our attention, is a bumper car. You know, from county fair days and cheap carni rides. Name at least one other hotel you’ve ever stayed in that has a bumper car in the lobby.

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Edgy Hotel In Mannheim Germany

bumper car in the hotel lobby in mannheimTo say that the Staytion Hotel is edgy is an understatement. It is certainly not for Americans who prefer the traditional comforts of a cookie cutter chain hotel, but if you like to sleep outside the box, this is for you.

It’s not like you have to sleep in the bumper car — the beds are traditional and indeed really comfy — but the bumper car perfectly demonstrates the re-purposed, industrial style and decor.

It’s so close to the train station that surely these exposed concrete block walls had been a warehouse in another life.



lobby of station hotel in MannheimThe Staytion Hotel bills itself as where Music Meets Industry. That’s so appropriate for any location in Mannheim. The city of 300,000 has six music colleges and six orchestras. Mannheim has been named a UNESCO City of Music.

The Time Warp Festival each April draws about 15,000 people. Head-banging hard rockers love the Zeltfestival at the end of May. I would love to go back for the Jazz Festival in October. But every weekend in the summer months some music festival is underway. And the number of clubs is crazy!

Check out more of the music scene in Mannheim on the city’s website.


A Hotel for Music Fans in Mannheim

music decor in mannheim hotelWith just 43 rooms, it is indeed a boutique hotel and each room has its own delightful decor.

Mine was huge in comparison to most European hotel rooms, which are usually more space conscious that your typical American hotel.

Take note of the concert print on the wall and the industrial light fixtures over the bed.

My luggage rack might have enjoyed its first life as baggage cart at the nearby train station. The closet was beat up old lockers that could have come from the girl’s locker room at my high school.

My night stand was a metal tray attached to what might have once been the legs of a music stand. In another room, the night stands were actual snare drums. The bathroom was spacious and efficient, and well lit. I hate hotel rooms with poor lighting.

Industrial Repurposed Hotel Rooms in Mannheim

repurposed stuff in hotel lobby

A cozy corner for conversation in the Staytion Hotel lobby.

The competitors on “Flea Market Flip” on HGTV would have loved this place. Everything was so creatively re-purposed and begging for conversation.

If we hadn’t been out to dinner at a local brewery, we might have enjoyed some live music down in the lobby. But in the morning, the bar tables were filled with croissants, jellies and cheeses, just what we needed before heading out to explore the city of Mannheim.

And when I make it back to Mannheim, I plan to stay here again. I’ll definitely post a selfie in that bumper car. And I want to take better pictures and notes for when my niece and I appear on “Flea Market Flip.”

Mannheim Germany Train Station at sunrise


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