Exploring New Zealand’s South Island by Camper Van – Part 3

Our Maui Camper Van on the coast of New Zealand's South IslandExploring New Zealand’s South Island by camper van required a few adjustments to the small quarters that we called home for this eight day journey.
Actually any vacation by motor home requires some condensing, but this little camper van was Hobbit-sized indeed.
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Small Quarters for Our New Zealand Vacation

The interior of our camper van used while exploring New Zealand's South IslandThe Maui camper van we rented was 7.2 meters long (23 feet), and like at home, Bruce spread his stuff over about 7.1 meters of our space. But we had all of the basics — a little refrigerator slightly bigger than what most college dorm rooms have, a microwave, a TV/DVD player, a coffee pot, toaster and pots & pans.
The bed made up to a king size and, of course, all of the bed linens and pillows provided. If I had my two kittens to snuggle with, it would almost be as comfortable as our king size bed at home.
We were given just one towel each for two weeks and I wish we had asked for more. I brought extra wash cloths from home because so many hotels and other properties we’ve stayed in around the world do not always provide wash cloths. I’m glad I did. We used them for hand towels and other clean-up.

Bathroom Facilities in a New Zealand Camper Van

The tiny toilet in our camper van used to explore New Zealand's South Island.The bathroom is another story. If you are no taller than 5 feet, are a size 2 and accomplished at Houdini-like contortions, it will serve you well. Seriously. I’m 5″ 6′ and I could not sit to do my business and shut the door. Although there was a shower faucet, we didn’t even try it.
Fortunately, the New Zealand holiday parks have wonderful restrooms and shower facilities. We only used the camper bathroom in an emergency. Neither of us really wanted to empty the tank at the end of the week.
I’m glad I brought along a tote bag to carry things to and from the shower, as well as shower slippers. I also brought a Ziplock bag of detergent from home. Sure, you could buy it in the laundry or you could buy travel size at home, but both are about three times as expensive.

Cooking in our Camper Van in New Zealand

Grilling and eating outside in our camper van during our vacation on New Zealand's South Island.A nice treat was the table that slid outside with the adjacent outdoor gas grill. It was perfect!
The night we spent at Greymouth Seaside Holiday Park, I grilled chicken, sliced a couple of tomatoes and zapped baked potatoes in the microwave. It was a better dinner than many I make at home.
We also enjoyed a small bottle of local wine as we watched the sunset on the Tasman Sea and marveled at this wonderful opportunity to experience this part of our great big world.

Sunset on the Tasman Sea as seen from New Zealand's South Island.

Tools for Exploring New Zealand’s South Island