What to Expect at the World’s Most Embarrassing Museum

Exterior of Penis Museum in Reykjavik IcelandThe museum in downtown Reykjavik is officially called the Icelandic Phallological Museum, but everyone just calls it The Penis Museum.

Have I got your attention now? 

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Just a Collection of Male Reproductive Organs

A whale penis in the penis museumAs obscene and perverted as the idea of a penis museum may sound, this particular collection is actually very scientific and informative. And it is presented in a scholarly manner that may disappoint those with more prurient interests. The collection includes more than 220 penises and penile parts that once belonged to mammals commonly found on land and sea around Iceland.

There are a variety of seal, dolphin and whale penises. Minke whales are most common in Iceland’s waters, along with the occasional humpback and sperm whale. A sperm penis. That’s worth a giggle. Many are enclosed in formaldehyde-filled glass jars, while others are dried and stuffed in an odd style of taxidermy.

a penis shaped door handle at the penis museum in iceland

But the exhibits include no-nonsense narrative about the mating habits of these mammals, the age of sexual maturity and the overall reproductive process, despite there being no adjacent museum for vaginas. The smallest penis on display belonged to a hamster.

Penile Art and Souvenirs in Reykjavik

a penis lamp at the penis museumThe Penis Museum also includes about 350 pieces of art featuring male private parts. Most are human male sex organs, like the door handle on the restroom. But interestingly enough, a hollow whale penis suspended by decorative rope makes a lovely vase for artificial flowers.

Souvenirs include bottle openers in the shape of a penis, cocktail napkins and T-shirts that would not be appropriate to wear to your child’s school PTA meeting.

A shiny exhibit in one corner catches the eye of those trying not to look too closely. It is a silver cast of penises belonging to the men of the Icelandic National Handball Team, who won silver at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

penis molds of the Iceland Olympic Handball Team

Founder of the Penis Museum

Sigurδur Hjartarson is a scholar with degrees in Latin American History, teaching history and Spanish at a college in Reykjavik. He’s a respectable guy in the community, a husband and father. He’s the founder of the Penis Museum.

  It started when he was a child working on area farms during the summer months. He was given a pizzle, otherwise known as a bull penis, to use as a whip to move the farm animals about. Friends who worked at a nearby whaling station gave him his first whale penises as a joke. Slowly the collection grew to become what it is today.

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