Sisters on the Fly and their Vintage Trailers Coming to a Campground Near You

The first time I saw a group called Sisters on the Fly take over a campground was near Pigeon Forge, TN.  I was wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and athletic shoes. I was certainly not appropriately dressed for the occasion of meeting this group. Apparently, I had failed to get the memo that a pink tutu, red boa and cowboy boots were requisite attire for a Sisters on the Fly gathering.

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What Is Sisters on the Fly?

Sisters on the Fly Vintage TrailerSisters on the Fly is a nationwide organization that bills itself as having more fun than anyone on the planet. Most of the sisters are not blood relatives.

Instead, they are women bound together by their love of camping, the outdoors and good times. They like challenging themselves in outdoor adventures without the pressure or judgement of male companionship.

Fishing, hunting, horseback riding, these are activities at a Sisters on the Fly gathering. There may be some alcohol involved as well.

Sisters on the Fly Vintage Trailers

vintage trailers

Other than women wearing long underwear and a pink tutu with cowboy boots, I was intrigued by the tricked out vintage travel trailers most sisters bring to their gatherings.

I was nosy enough to ask if I could stick my head  in one or two.

Cozy little things just big enough for one person comfortably, they are really quite homey. The sisters I met welcome everyone, even those with testosterone, to poke their heads in and look around.

Colorful vintage trailer, Sisters on the Fly.

Yep, there were some dudes really taking this in rather enviously.

Some people prefer those big Class A, gas-guzzling motor homes that comes with multiple slides, satellite TV and its own butler. And that’s OK. But I kind of like these snazzy little pocket-sized sleepers, and their colorful, slightly-off-color occupants.

Having Fun with Sisters on the Fly

Riding a mechanical bull, sisters on the flyYep, there certainly was a lot of laughter and silliness in the campground the day I visited. I’m sure my mother would not have approved of most of it.

But sometimes that’s what we need to get through another day, especially those days that are not a lot of fun.

So cheers to Sisters on the Fly and any other group out there having fun, respecting others and enjoying Mother Nature.

Tip: If you don’t own a vintage camper, but would like to try it out, check out the Yosemite Pine Campground near Yosemite National Park where you can rent a vintage trailer.

Colorful campsite at Sisters on the Fly gathering

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