Six Great Places to Eat on the Island of Maui

The island of Maui has no shortage of great restaurants for visitors and locals, but we’ve come across a few that we loved and hope you will visit to experience all the unique flavor of Maui. Here are six great places to eat and drink on Maui.

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The Mā’alea General Store on Maui

The Maalea General Store on Maui is a great place for breakfast and a peak into the history of Maui.We had breakfast here, which was pretty good, but we like the Mā’alea General Store for two reasons. The first is history. This little building has served this former fishing community since 1910. Much of the building is original with creaky floors and wooden shelves. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places.

Locals still stop by for milk or bread, but most customers come from nearby condos or boaters in the harbor. They’ve learned to love the yummy baked goods, fresh pineapples and other produce, as well as the easy atmosphere around the diner counter.

The second reason we like the Mā‘alea General Store as a great place to eat on Maui’s southwest shore is Kristine Peterson.

Kristine Peterson is the owner of the Maalea General Store, a great place to eat on Maui's southwest shore.She’s just the third owner in the history of the building. Kristine was short staffed the morning we arrived, but she still had a pleasant smile and took time to talk about her passion in running this little store.

A native of Boston who found her way to Maui via a general contracting job in L.A., Kristine is rightly proud of her little slice of heaven. Sure, the day we were there a bucket behind the counter was catching rain water from a leaky roof, but that didn’t dim her spirits or her customer service.

Kristine just got approved for a liquor license. So adding a Bloody Mary to your avocado bacon sandwich will make breakfast at the Mā‘alea General Store that much better.

Leoda’s Kitchen & Pie Shop on Maui

What else do you need to know? It’s a pie shop so we ate here twice on our last visit to Maui. I could have eaten every meal for here 10 days.

Leoda was the mother of the current owners and you will find her picture on the wall as you head to the restrooms. There’s also a picture of a man playing baseball, but no one I talked to knew who he was.

Leoda's Pie Shop is one of the best places to eat on Maui.Leoda’s is just good wholesome food in a pleasant, but not overly complicated setting. You may find yourself getting up to fill your water or tea glass, but it’s that homey feel like you were in your own kitchen. I had a chicken pot pie that was delightful and Bruce enjoyed several different sandwiches. Everything is baked right there, including four different kinds of breads that really make the sandwiches pop.

Olowalu Lime Pie is a delightful treat at Leoda's Pie Shop, a great place to eat on Maui.And then there’s the pie. On our first visit, I had Olowalu Lime Pie. It’s like Key Lime Pie from Florida, but the local limes are Olowalu limes, thus the fun name. Plus, the bay just across the road from Leoda’s is Olowalu Bay.

I also had an Apple Crumb Pie that was absolutely perfect. I wanted to go back a third and fourth time to try to Praline or Macadamia Chocolate Pie, but there are other good restaurants on Maui that we had to check out.

The Maui Brewing Company on Maui 

The Maui Brewing Company in Kehei is one of the best places to eat in Maui.It was raining on our first day on Maui, so we thought that would be a good time to check out the local craft breweries. Amazingly, every other visitor to the island seemed to share our thought process. It was jam packed at the Maui Brewing Company in Kihei, but we enjoyed talking with other travelers and Bruce sampled a beer while we waited.

Maui Brewing Company is the largest craft brewer in Hawaii and has two great restaurants in Maui.

I had a small pizza. Bruce had fish and chips and we split a dessert. Plus we bought a couple of T-shirts for Bruce’s collection. We enjoyed the atmosphere, the good service and good food, but yikes, things are pricey in Maui.

Later, we learned from a local that Maui Brewing Company has another location in the Kahana Shopping Center in Lahaina. He told us that the menu is the same, but considerably cheaper.

Take note.

Three More Great Places to Eat on Maui

A couple of other great places to eat on Maui that we really enjoyed but didn’t take notes or pictures are:

The Kula Lodge on Haleakalā Road

Sunrise in Haleakala National Park in MauiIf you do sunrise on Haleakalā, and you should, note that there’s no place in the park that serves food. So either you take snacks with you or as you leave the park along Haleakala Road, be looking for the Kula Lodge (on the left hand side of the road). Why we didn’t take pictures, I don’t know because the view of the valley from the dining room is spectacular. We had omelettes and corned beef and hash along with a fruity drink that included mango, guava, pineapple and orange juice.

Fill up and head back into the park for more exploration.

Marco’s Grill & Deli in Kahului

One half of this restaurant is a little more fine dining, the other half is more of a sports bar, but both sides have great Italian food. Bruce’s lasagna was fabulous! It’s worth flying to Maui just for the Italian Lemon Cream Cake. And the manager is a gregarious Frenchman who was so much fun. We learned that he had just bought a drone, that he was soon going home to Paris to see his mother and he had lots of opinions about iPhones.

The Ale House in Kahului.

Honestly, we were a little lost when we pulled into the parking lot of this place out of frustration. We enjoyed watching a University of Kansas basketball game while enjoying a great chicken tortilla soup and steak sandwich. This is definitely a locals’ hangout and it was the least expensive meal we had while on Maui.

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