Swiss Souvenirs From an American Girl in Champex Switzerland

Switzerland is one of our favorite destinations, as you might be able to tell from the many mojotraveler posts about the Alpine nation.

On our last trip, we discovered the darling community of Champex.

The lake view of Champex Lac Switzerland

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Flowers in Champex lac SwitzerlandAfter exploring the beautiful Flore-Alpe Botanical Garden, we settled in for lunch at a lakeside cafe. It was a gorgeous day and we were in no hurry to leave when a guy walks by with a T-shirt from one of my husband’s favorite American breweries — Leinenkugel’s, which opened its first restaurant in Kansas City.

The hotel Mont Lac in Champex Switzerland

My husband being the kind of guy he is, called out to the T-shirt guy, who immediately came over to chat. His name is Charles de Rivaz, who owns the Hotel Mont Lac in whose cafe we were enjoying lunch. A native of Champex, Charles worked in hotels throughout the U.S., including a stint at the former Ritz Carlton in Kansas City.

That’s where he met and married his wife Sarah. They’ve now returned to his hometown to raise their family.

Where to Shop in Champex Switzerland

Instagram post with Swiss Army bag

Sarah runs a fabulous gift shop on Main Street Champex called VachementSuisse. I started following Sarah’s Instagram account (@vachementSuisse) and that’s when things got out of control. She’s always posting images around beautiful Champex, as well as fun items she carries in her shop.

One day, she posted this shot.

If anyone knows me, and most women, they know that I’m always in search of the perfect purse. I want it stylish, practical and good for travel, but not a lot of fluff  and dazzle. I need a pocket for my phone, for my passport and notebook, and then room to cram in other stuff as needed. But I don’t want it to weigh a ton.

These bags that Sarah carries in her shop are made out of recycled Swiss Army blankets and are extremely light weight. Besides the two big pockets on the outside, it has three separate side pockets inside. And that’s it. It zips close but it’s big enough to put in a laptop, camera and other gear without a lot of commotion.

Swiss Army blanket purseSo check out my Instagram post (feel free to follow me on IG @mojotraveler)

I am now the proud owner of a Swiss Army blanket bag, all of the way from Champex Switzerland in a round-about way from Kansas City. I love this small world we live in.

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