Take a Selfie at Springfield’s Hotel Vandivort

When visiting Springfield Missouri, I highly recommend you stop by the Hotel Vandivort, a luxury boutique hotel that opened downtown in 2015. Even if you’re just passing through or staying with friends or relatives in southwest Missouri, you should stop by the Hotel Vandivort anyway — just to use the bathrooms.

Lobbyof HotelVandivort in Springfield Missouri

It’s OK, really. A lot of people do it.

But while you’re there, take a look around. Enjoy a meal or a drink at The Order. Get to know locals in the lobby space that has quickly become known as Springfield’s Living Room.

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Springfield Missouri’s Hotel Vandivort 

The lobby level of the hotel was designed to be just that — a comfortable place to hang out, meet with friends or business acquaintances. There are a number of fireplaces, couches, overstuffed chairs and cozy table locations. Lots of books on the wall and other decor makes it as homey as your own living room.Lobby of hotel Vandivort in Springfield, Missouri

Nightime at the Hotel Vandivort in Springfield MissouriBut really take time to appreciate the furnishings. Much of it was made by local craftspeople using wood and other materials that were salvaged as the building was renovated into a hotel.

The Vandivort began its life in Springfield in 1906 as a Masonic Temple. Over the years it has served as office space and theatre space and lots of other purposes. Now it has 50 guest rooms, each a little different from the next.

When I told people I was staying at the Vandivort, they all said “You have to take your picture in the bathroom.”

A guest room at the hotel Vandivort in Springfield, MissouriNow, my room and its bathing facilities were quite lovely. I had fun playing with the buttons on the automatic blinds, got plenty of work done with the free wifi and room service. I watched something on the big screen TV while wishing we had that size at home.

But it’s not often I take a picture of myself in the bathroom. Although it was a perfectly lovely bathroom, there was nothing about this room that made me want to change my habits.

Then I realized, I was in the wrong bathroom.

Hotel Vandivort Bathroom Selfies

Unisex bathrooms at the Hotel Vandivort in SpringfieldDownstairs in the lower level are the public restrooms for guests at The Order and other special events in the hotel. Without realizing they would create a social media sensation, the designers installed just the right kind of lighting. Somehow everyone looks like they’ve been airbrushed and retouched for Cover Girl status.

Except for me. I admit I was having a really bad hair day and was under pollen attack, so my nose was the color of Rudolph’s. I took a photo and although it was greatly improved over real life that day, it’s still not one to share with the world.

Girls taking selfies in the Hotel Vandivort

Melissa Bade, Megan White and Becca Murdaugh in their #HotelVandivortBathroomSelfie

So I called my cousin Melissa, a social media junkie, who first told me about #HotelVandivortBathroomSelfies. It’s a thing on Instagram. She enlisted her friends and you see the results!

So, I pledge to return to the Hotel Vandivort the next time I’m having a really good hair day and when I’m not being plagued by allergies.  I’ll meet you in the bathroom downstairs.


Pet-friendly accommodations at the Hotel Vandivort

The Hotel Vandivort is a pet-friendly hotel.

Askinosie Chocolate available at the Hotel Vandivort a Springfield Missouri

I especially love that Askinosie Chocolate is provided as a guest treat.

An Addition to the Hotel Vandivort in Springfield

So I was able to return to the Hotel Vandivort in the late summer of 2019. This time, I had my husband with me and he agreed, we need a bigger TV at home. And he thought the rooms were pretty cool as well. And overall, the hotel was great.

guest room at the Hotel Vandivort in Springfield

Our visit coincided with the opening of an addition to the hotel across the back alley. They call it V2, and it has 48 additional rooms, each as classy and sophisticated as the original Hotel Vandivort.

The new rooms are a little retro with actual record players and vinyl albums available in each room. Album covers create much of the art in the rooms, although locally curated art is also all around.

Vinyl albums at the new wing of the Hotel Vandivort in Springfield, Missouri

The rooftop of V2 is called the Vantage Bar and wow, I would love to hang out there with friends some night. As you might imagine, this is a popular place for weddings and special events in southwest Missouri. But obviously, these folks didn’t get the notice about selfies in the bathrooms at the Hotel Vandivort!

Bridal party at Hotel Vandivort in Springfield, Missouri

The Mystery Hour with Jeff Houghton parties at The Hotel VandivortTip: If you’re looking for an excuse to stay at the Hotel Vandivort, check out the schedule for The Mystery Hour, a nationally syndicated television talk show taped in Springfield’s historic Gillioz Theatre.

The celebrity guests stay at the Vandivort and the wonderful bar/lobby is the site of the after party.

Treats from Springfield, Missouri


(Yes indeed. Brad Pitt is one of those treats from Springfield, MO)