Three Unexpected Destinations for Elvis Presley Fans – Outside of Memphis

Elvis Presley fans and really, anyone with a pulse, know that Memphis Tennessee and Tupelo Mississippi are destinations that feed that rock and roll heart beat. Sure, I’ve been to Graceland and could tell you all about it, but instead, let’s visit three unexpected places where you can also experience the magic and mania that is Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley in Fort Chaffee Arkansas

It was here on March 25, 1958 that Elvis was inducted into the Army and his beautiful sideburns and thick locks of hair were given a GI trim. There’s a museum in the little building at Fort Chaffee that once housed the barber shop and each year on March 25, you can get your hair cut by descendants of the barber who buzzed Elvis.

Elvis in Bad Nauheim Germany

The above photo is of a large black monument with Elvis Presley's name and the dates that he lived in Bad Nauheim. It is surround by flowers and candles.So after Elvis got his hair cut and went through basic training in Texas, he was stationed in Friedburg, Germany. The King was allowed to live off base, so for a few months, he and his entourage rented a floor at the Villa Grunewald in nearby Bad Nauheim. Later, the Presley party rented a house and that’s where he met Priscilla.

Today, the Villa Grunewald is a hotel and you can sleep in the exact same room where Elvis slept. Bad Nauheim is also home to Europe’s only Elvis Presley Festival.

Elvis’ Roller Coaster in Green Bay Wisconsin

Once upon a time, there was an amusement park in Memphis called Libertyland and Elvis was known to rent out the entire park for himself and friends. Just eight days before he died, on August 16, 1977, Elvis rode the Zippin’ Pippin Roller Coaster for the last time. Through a weird set of circumstances, the Zippin Pippin is now located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.