Amazing Little Outdoor Adventure in Vedauwoo Wyoming

Vedauwoo.  Don’t you just like saying the word?  Vedauwoo Wyoming.  Say it three times really fast with a caramel in your mouth.

Beautiful rock formations at Vedauwoo WyomingIt’s one of those activities parents might give their kids to keep them engaged on a long road trip through the western United States when it seems mile markers pass at the speed of molasses.

Then again, parents may go insane if the chant from the back seat continues for more than an interstate mile.

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Why Stop at Vedauwoo Wyoming?

Stop at Vedauwoo Wyoming to restore your sanity and burn some energy on a long road trip. It will also restore your soul. Located on Interstate 80, exit 329, just north of Cheyenne, Vedauwoo is a perfect overnight stay before heading on west to Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park. It’s a place where you’ll enjoy the amazing creativity of Mother Nature without fighting crowds seeking similar experiences.

A paved trail meanders through rock formations at Vedauwoo Wyoming.Vedauwoo is an English take on an Arapaho word that means “earthborn spirit.”  That’s what the native people of this region believed about these massive rock formations that seem to appear out of nowhere in the western prairie — that animal spirits created these rocks from the earth. The Arapaho, Cheyenne, Sioux and Crow Indians believe this to be a sacred place.

A part of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, the Vedauwoo rock formations cover a 10-square mile area in the forest, which includes lots of picnic areas, campground and hiking trails. It’s a fabulous destination for mountain biking and rock climbing as well.

A woman pretends to hold a boulder at Vedauwoo Wyoming.

You’re at about 8200 feet (2500 meters) altitude here, so flatlanders may feel some shortness of breath if you exert yourself too much. The red granite boulders jut up out of the earth another 500 feet in places. Nothing has moved here in hundreds of years, but it’s a little freaky to pose for pictures in an Atlas-like stand holding up these boulders. It’ll make a great family Christmas card.


Wildflowers at Vedauwoo

Purple wildflowers bloom in Vedauwoo Wyoming.I was satisfied with a simple quiet stroll along the paved trails, enjoying the sunshine and the magnificent wildflowers. I don’t know the flowers’ names and almost grabbed my phone and to do a search. But that would have engaged me in technology. Vedauwoo is a place where technology should disappear. There is a solid cell signal, but you’re missing the point of being in a national forest if you are worried about such amenities.

Vedauwoo is just enough off the beaten path that not everyone has discovered it, but it’s not too hard to find if you want something fresh to say and do on your family vacation.  


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