What is a Boutique Hotel and Why You Should Stay at One

Recently, someone asked us about our favorite hotel choices when we traveled. That’s easy – boutique hotels.

Don’t get me wrong – there are some lovely big hotels and resorts out there and we enjoyed many a getaway in their sanctity. But we’ve found that independently-owned boutique hotels often offer us some unique insight to a local community and showcase the creativity of the owners, or at least local artists. A boutique hotel embraces the local community or neighborhood.

What is a Boutique Hotel?

The U.S. Travel News defines a boutique hotel as one “largely characterized by its smaller size, personalized service and local personality.” Rather than being a cookie cutter experience with a few room lay-outs to choose from, a boutique hotel celebrates individual style and unique design throughout. Usually, a boutique hotel is less than 100 rooms.

Many of the big chains have developed their own boutique brands, but in many places, boutique hotels are independently owned. It’s not uncommon to find the owner in the hotel answering your questions. And we like that.

So here are a few boutique hotels we’ve stayed in across North America and around the world that we absolutely loved. Perhaps you’ll choose to stay in one of them if your travels take you to where we’ve been.  We hope you find them as enjoyable as we have.