What Is a MojoTraveler?

The term “mojo” has evolved over the years, but in modern American culture, mojo is often a synonym for attitude, spirit, energy and creativity.

We all have our own mojo, a uniqueness or dream that is ours and ours alone. Mojo is a reflection of our soul. It travels with us anywhere and can be found anywhere. Mojo is the essence of exploration and adventure, especially when the destination is just down the road and around the bend.


Lambdin Family FarmMy mojo is rooted in the corn and soybeans fields of my family farm in southern Illinois, but it has taken me to places that little farm girl could not have imagined so many years ago – riding camels on the Sinai Peninsula, drinking kava in a Fijian bure, hiking glaciers in the Alaskan wilderness.

The most exciting part of my work is exploring and writing about far away places, exotic cultures and experiences that some might call adventures. But a real pleasure for me is finding a great story and exciting destination in my own back yard and sharing that destination with people in search of or in touch with their own mojo.

That’s what we’ll do in this blog. Find a little mojo and share a little mojo.

And maybe be a lot of mojo.


The Federal Trade Commission requires that bloggers come clean about some of the behind-the-scenes actitivities of our work.

Bruce Meyer and Diana Lambdin Meyer, aka mojotravelers, are active members of the travel journalism profession. As a result, we are often invited by various communities, states and countries to come experience what they have to offer the traveling public.

Sometimes a portion or all of our expenses are covered for us by the host. Sometimes it’s as small as a meal at a local restaurant or admission to a museum or local attraction. Sometimes it includes transportation and overnight accommodations.

Sometimes the media outlet we are working for picks up the tab or negotiates a “media rate.”  Sometimes, we pick up every nickel and dime of the expense.

These are all industry standards that allow travel journalists access to do their jobs.

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