Where and What to Eat in the Cayman Islands

When looking for a good place to eat on Grand Cayman, we asked a local guy named Froggy for recommendations on the best restaurants. Really, who can resist a recommendation from a guy named Froggy. It’s gotta be good, right?  And it was.

Best Grand Cayman Restaurant in West Bay

Timubktu is a colorful restaurant in West Bay, Grand CaymanFroggy suggested a place called Timbuktuu, a local hang-out/diner in West Bay. He recommended the Lemon Garlic Grouper, but I chose instead the roasted tomato soup with homemade focaccia. I needed to save room for the monstrous slice of carrot cake for dessert.

Bruce chose barbecued pork. Being from Kansas City, we are officially obligated to eat BBQ everywhere we go, and declare Kansas City barbecue better, right?

Pulled Pork at Grand Cayman RestaurantTimbuktuu, now called the West Bay Diner, is a great place to catch up on the local flavor of Grand Cayman. A number of  delivery drivers stopped in on their routes along the 22 mile island. You know if truck drivers are stopping in, it’s good.

And this is another thing to consider: When you eat at a locally-owned joint like Timubktu, all of the money stays in the local economy. There are quite a few places in George Town that are really big American corporations. When you eat there, well, you’re really not eating in the Cayman Islands, are you?

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Cayman Islands Cuisine

Fresh tomatoes at a Grand Cayman RestaurantCayman cuisine is one that is filled with okra, tomatoes, plantain and callaloo. Even though produce grows all year round in the Cayman Islands, there are certainly seasons. Mangoes are best in the summer months. Tomatoes ripen from December through May. Pumpkins are not necessarily an autumn treat in the Caribbean. You can find all of this and more all year long at The Market on the Grounds, a few miles east of Harbour Place.

Michael's Genuine, a great restaurant on Grand Cayman IslandThe chef at Michael’s Genuine and other top-notch restaurants buy much of their produce here. But Michael’s Genuine distinguishes itself because it is the first restaurant on Grand Cayman operated by a James Beard Award winning chef – Michael Schwartz.

Or you can take some cooking classes at The Lighthouse at Breakers Point each Saturday from noon until 2 p.m.

The point is, where to eat in the Cayman Islands is not a matter of which fried bar food to choose. The mojotraveler in search of sophisticated and culturally unique authenticity will not be disappointed.

And if you don’t believe me, ask Froggy.Viator

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